Huff Post: Perfectly Good Produce Discarded At U.S. Border Feeds People In Need

MM8423_SH1_4x5_051The Huffington Post article reported by Cameron Keady called Perfectly Good Produce Discarded At U.S. Border Feeds People In Need.  Please read the article describing how Borderlands Food Bank is giving a second life to produce discarded at the U.S. border by distributing it to people in need. 

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Distributing this rejected — but perfectly safe — produce is a massive undertaking. Borderlands works with 200 donors to distribute food to 389 registered nonprofits, in both Mexico and the United States. About 47 percent of those agencies are in the state of Arizona alone.

“We sit right in the middle of a produce industry,” Soto told HuffPost. “Once we saturate Arizona, we then offer produce to 18 other states throughout the nation.”

Soto receives calls all day long from her long list of donors; they know which of their discarded produce she will take. She then sends one of her trucks to retrieve the product to bring back Borderlands’ 13,000 square foot warehouse.

Monday at the warehouse are agency days — nonprofits come directly to the food bank to take large quantities of fruits and vegetables to bring to their organizations. Tuesday through Friday, Borderland hosts a direct client distribution program. And weekends are devoted to P.O.W.W.O.W.: Produce On Wheels – With Out Waste, which distributes produce to communities throughout the state of Arizona.

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