Saturday, June 27th – 2019/20 P.O.W.W.O.W. Produce Season Market (6 Locations) – Hours: 7-10:00am

All of our Markets will be participating in the Drive Up and Take service for this Saturday, June 13th. You will have the option to contribute online $13 ($12 for the produce box and $1 for the PayPal processing fee) per reserved box and pick up between 7:30-9:30am (Please bring your PayPal receipt). If you[…]

Recipe of the Week: Avocado-Butternut Squash Noodles

Never thought this squash that was offered at last weekend’s market can be a great alternative to pasta and delicious too.  Butternut squash is high in vitamins A and C, magnesium, potassium, calcium and can go anywhere zucchini noodles can go. Butternut Squash Noodles from Makinze Gore at Delish View other delicious and healthy recipes of the week[…]