A Message From Yolanda Soto, President & CEO of Borderlands Produce Rescue

A message from Yolanda Soto, President and CEO of Borderlands Produce Rescue

We are entering our 24th year of rescuing fresh produce and in 24 years I’ve never seen the beginning of a produce season like this one. Hurricanes, devastating rain storms and freezes has annihilated so many of the agricultural fields in Mexico that the product has just not been available for sale or for rescuing. The State of Sonora was severely damaged, that is where we start receiving November,December and January. Part of Culiacan was also damaged so what has been re-planted is about 3 months behind. I’m hearing that next week we should be rescuing much more quantities and varieties and by February things should be much improved for all! I’m asking that you educate your friends and family members about the unusual 2018-19 produce season and encourage them to know that although they may not be receiving what they have in past years the price is still great and the best part is they need to remember they are doing their part to save our planet and curb food waste.

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