Education Corner: Please help Borderlands continue to help YOU sign the petition and share with your friends

As a nonprofit Borderlands is Apolitical but does ask State and District Representatives to step up to help with issues that affect our organization and in turn affect our supporters. State and District Representatives after-all are expected to be ambassadors of their districts.  P.O.W.W.O.W. is Borderland’s Arizona Program and we touch a multitude of Arizona districts!  Every situation no matter how dire and negative will always have some positive within.  I believe COVID-19, has been an eye-opener for many, to include our elected officials.  I think that many have looked at helping the Mom & Pop organizations who need a voice.  Borderlands has been fortunate in that many of our State Senators and Representatives have stepped up for us during this financial hardship.  One of those candidates has initiated this petition and I am asking that you please help us continue to help you by signing it.  This is also a great way to show your appreciation for not only what we do for Arizonans through P.O.W.W.O.W. but a way to thank all the volunteers who truly make this program a success.

In March, the Arizona legislature approved $50 million in emergency funds to support housing, small businesses, health care providers, and food bank operations. But Borderlands Produce Rescue, a Nogales-based food bank, was left out.
Borderlands does truly great work for Arizonans and the environment. They divert millions of pounds of fresh produce from landfills and distribute it to Arizona families and farms. Nogales is the USA’s largest entry point for Mexican-grown produce, but too much ends up going to waste. Before COVID-19, Borderlands rescued much of this produce and distributed it at 60 sites throughout Arizona.
Borderlands has been forced to lay off employees and scale back to 28 distribution sites, even as the need for their services has doubled. Meanwhile, 3/4 of the emergency funds remain unspent.
Would you please sign our petition telling the Governor to release some of the emergency food bank money to Borderlands?

Thank you so much for supporting Borderlands Produce Rescue
Yolanda Soto
President & CEO


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