Saturday, September 28th – Unscheduled P.O.W.W.O.W. Pop-Up Market – Hours: 6-9am

We do apologize Metro Phoenix supporters we will be in Tucson this weekend but will try again next week. Don’t miss out on delicious pickings tomorrow morning at Most Holy Trinity Church, 1300 N. Greasewood Rd. in Tucson. $12 for up to 70 Lbs. of produce. Hours are from 6-9:00am. Be there bright and early, first come first serve. Please help your families, neighbors and friends by posting your pictures and videos of our markets on social media using #produceonwheelswithoutwaste  and #produceonwheels so newcomers can understand more about our program.

—–Metro Tucson Service Area(s) for Saturday, September 28th, Hours: 6 – 9:00am
* Most Holy Trinity Church – 1300 N. Greasewood Rd., Tucson 85745

—-You may not sell, barter or trade our product.

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