Feeding Our Future – Borderlands Food Bank on Arizona Public Media

Listen to Yolanda Soto, Director of Borderlands Food Bank on Arizona Public Media. Click here:


At a quarter to six on a Saturday morning, people are lining up in the parking lot of an industrial park on Ina Road and Oldfather. This is P.O.W.W.O.W., Produce on Wheels Without Waste. It’s a pop-up market. An hour ago, a truck from Borderlands Food Bank drove up from Nogales (Arizona) and unloaded pallets of fruits and vegetables. Now volunteers are ripping into those boxes and spreading he food out on a long line of tables. They’re getting ready to hand it out to the crowd.

Ten dollars gets you around 60 pounds of produce. “They’re not really selling the produce; they’re basically asking for donations,” says Bob Darling. He’s a P.O.W.W.O.W. volunteer with a group from his church. “They’re able to keep their equipment up, pay for their drivers and their fuel.”

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