Your Support Makes Borderlands Possible

Without support from people just like you our work would not be possible. All of the money raised will go to support our work in rescuing even more produce, the more support we have the more fresh veggies we can then distribute. This year we are hoping to break our previous record of 40 million pounds rescued, you can help us reach this goal by contributing at least $10 to sponsor 350 pounds of fresh produce. 

All gifts made to Borderlands are tax-deductible, in addition to making an online donation here, you can also mail a check to us direct at: 

c/o Yolanda Soto, President
Borderlands Food Bank
270 W Produce Row
Nogales, AZ 85621

Your Impact: Every $10 =

Rescuing 350 Lbs. of Fresh Produce!
Contributing Over 128 Healthy Meal Supplements!
Sponsoring 10 Produce on Wheels Recipients

Give generously, your gift can change lives.

Every dollar you give to Borderlands Food Bank provides lots of fresh veggies and fruit for families facing hunger and keeps this produce out of landfills, helping the environment. 

As our new P.O.W.W.O.W. produce season starts Saturday, November 4th, our fleet of tractor trailers will be transporting fresh produce to the many market locations in Arizona  so our many communities can eat healthier.  Although we strive to be more efficient logistically, our fuel cost are dynamic, increasing every year, which effects our bottom line.  


Make it Monthly!

Become a Full Monthly Partner today – rescue produce, feed families fresh veggies and fruit and keep produce out of our landfills, not only this month, but every month.

Borderlands Food Bank is an approved Arizona Charitable Tax Credit organization (Diabetes Prevention and Aid Fun dba Borderlands Food Bank). This tax credit allows a contribution of up to $400 ( single filer) and $800 (couple) to receive a dollar for dollar tax credit on your Arizona tax return.

Simply click the PayPal button below and enter your monthly donation. EASY! Every month you will be making a monthly gift to Borderlands Food Bank.

Your monthly contribution will help Borderland's effort in rescuing fresh produce and transporting that produce to communities in need.