Education Corner: Three Easy Ways to Be Grateful for Your Food Scraps This Holiday Season

If you are cooking this holiday season and have extra food scraps or wondering how to curb food waste click on the link below to read more. Three Easy Ways to be Grateful for Your Food Scraps This Holiday Season from Aralyn Beaumont at Chefs Feed To access our previous Education Corner postings, please view our Press[…]

Education Corner: Romain Lettuce is Not Safe to Eat Whatsoever, CDC Warns All of U.S.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is alerting all of United States to not eat any romaine lettuce including whole heads and hearts, chopped, organic and salad mixes with romaine until there is more information.  Click on the link below to read more. Romaine Lettuce is Not Safe to Eat Whatsoever, CDC Warns All[…]

Education Corner: Is It Safer to Buy Packaged Fruits and Vegetables?

When you see pre-cut produce wrapped in Styrofoam and cellophane in the aisle of your favorite grocery store do you think it is safe to eat or as nutritious when it was picked? Is It Safer to Buy Packaged Fruits and Vegetables? from Jill Waldbieser at Men’s Health. To access our previous Education Corner postings,[…]

Education Corner: Austin Passes law Requiring Restaurants to Donate or Compost Uneaten Food

Read about the City of Austin, Texas hopping on board and being the first American city to pass a law requiring restaurants to donate or compost uneaten food.  Under the new law, all businesses that serve food-including restaurants, certain shops, farmer’s markets, and even sites involved in its preparation and processing-are forbidden from throwing away[…]

Education Corner: 6 Ways to Use Up Limp Vegetables

Learn how to save money and use the few extra veggies still in your refrigerator. 6 Ways to Use Up Limp Vegetables – Linda from KCET More previous postings of our Education Corners are located in the Press Room page of our website

Education Corner: Akshaya Venkatesh, One of our Own

Akshaya Venkatesh, a 14 years old STEM student and also a volunteer of Borderlands Produce Rescue who developed an app to rescue locally harvested produce from residents’ backyards also in the process of developing an app for our Produce On Wheels With – Out Waste (P.O.W.W.O.W.) program has been selected to the top 30 finalist[…]

Education Corner: Generation Waste: Why are Millennials Throwing Away So Much Food?

Read this article to find out why are the Mellinnials wasting so much food in the United Kingdom. Generation Waste: Why are Millennials Throwing Away So Much Food? from Somini Sengupta of the New York Times

Education Corner: How Much Food Do We Waste? Probably More Than You Think

United States is the #1 country in food waste but how do the other countries around the world compare to us? How Much Food Do We Waste?  Probably More Than You Think from Somini Sengupta of the New York Times

Education Corner: 5 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Kitchen Waste

The U.S. Department of Agriculture revealed that American consumers waste almost one pound of food per day, which equates to 225 to 290 pounds per person per year.  Learn 5 easy effective tips you can adopt to cut down on food and kitchen waste in your home. 5 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Kitchen[…]

Education Corner: How San Francisco is Becoming a Zero Waste City

Did you know cities around the world produce so much trash each day, there could be 3,100 miles of garbage trucks that could line up back to back.  Learn how one of the largest cities in the United States has set their ambitions to become zero waste by the year 2020. How San Francisco is[…]

Education Corner: Appetite for Destruction: To Save The Planet, We Must Fight Food Waste

Find how it is both socially and ethically unacceptable that 30% of all food produced becomes wastage where one in nine people are undernourished.  Every year, $940 billion is lost and 4.4 billion tons of greenhouse gases are emitted in the production of food that will never be eaten. Appetite for Destruction:  To Save The[…]

Education Corner: Salud America, All Good Produce Deserves a Home

Fresh produce can be a rare commodity in Nogales, Ariz. (95% Latino), where 17% of children are food insecure and ineligible for assistance. Yolanda Soto saw the need for Latino homes and families all across Arizona to have fresh produce to improve nutrition and fight obesity. When Soto saw still-edible fresh produce being dumped into[…]


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28 AT 7:30PM | REGULAR ADMISSION PRICES JOIN US! SCREENING of WASTED!:THE STORY OF FOOD WASTE Featuring a post-film Q&A with local experts: Yolanda Soto from Borderlands Produce Rescue/P.O.W.W.O.W., Jessica Herrera from the Center for Biological Diversity, Megan Carney from University of Arizona’s Center for Regional Food Studies and Chester Phillips from University of[…]

ASU students get food during the Produce on Wheels Without Waste event in Tempe, Arizona

One of Borderlands’ most popular programs is Produce on Wheels With-Out Waste, or POWWOW, which is hosted on a weekly basis around Arizona and once a month on ASU’s West, Polytechnic and Tempe campuses. Every third Saturday of the month, Borderlands Food Bank partners with ASU Changemaker Central to provide 60 pounds of produce for only $10 for ASU students.[…]

Borderlands Recipient of 2017 Grant from the Arizona Cardinals!

Arizona Cardinals through Cardinal Charities Helps Promote Produce Rescue with a Donation to Borderlands! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cardinal Charities, a leading provider of support programs in Arizona and proponent of improving the life and opportunities for children, women and minorities; is giving back to the community with a grant to Borderlands. Founded in 1996, Borderlands[…]

Food Waste Experts: Virtual Water

From the editors of Food Waste Experts: We believe it is important to understand the connections between growing enough food, meeting rising energy needs and providing ample clean water for people around the world. Our everyday food, water and energy choices have a profound effect on each other and the environment.  Americans throw 40 percent of their[…]

From fresh produce to inmate job training, Nogales food bank fills a basket of needs

Borderlands Food Bank collects produce from Mexico, all of which is either excess produce for distributors or “ugly” produce that grocery stores won’t put on their shelves. Through several different programs, the nonprofit distributes the food to individuals and other nonprofit agencies across Arizona and in Sonora, Mexico.  Located about 1.5 miles away from the[…]

Borderlands Food Bank supports community based composting programs

What is Compost? Compost is the end product of decomposition: It is part of the earth’s biological cycle of growth and decay. Organic materials, fruit and vegetables scraps, leaves, grass clippings, twigs, coffee grinds, etc., break down (thanks to the help of microorganisms, oxygen, and water) into dark, loose crumbly material that resembles rich soil.[…]

KVOA 4 Tucson: Market aims to make healthy food affordable

At Produce on Wheels – With Out Waste (P.O.W.W.O.W.) markets, anyone can get up to 60 pounds of fresh produce for just ten bucks. Read more about this from KVOA Tucson. At Produce on Wheels With Out Waste (P.O.W.W.O.W.) markets, anyone can get up to 60 pounds of fresh produce for just ten bucks. The markets are[…]

Nogales International: Hungry cows keep food waste out of landfill

Francisco “Pancho” Martinez jerked the dump truck forward and out poured a whole bed’s worth of tomatoes, squash, melons and other past-prime produce mashed into a slop Friday morning… “It helps them out, and it benefits the cows,” Martinez said of his arrangement with Borderlands Food Bank and produce warehouses. Friday morning at the food bank,[…]

National Geographic: Rescuing Rejected Food to Feed the Hungry at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Read the full article on the National Geographic website: “What we’ve been doing for 21 years is educating the produce industry not to dump at the landfill,” Soto, who is a Nogales native, says. Donating actually offers a perk to producers too. “Call us,” she says pitching to me like I’m one of the producers[…]

Nogales International: Prison inmates do hard work in SC County

An article from Nogales International Newspaper reported by Murphy Woodhouse called “Prison inmates do hard work in SC County” explains how vital inmate labor from the Arizona Department of Corrections is to the operation of Borderlands Food Bank. Read the full story here. Many employees are required to wear uniforms to the office, but those[…]

Huff Post: Perfectly Good Produce Discarded At U.S. Border Feeds People In Need

The Huffington Post article reported by Cameron Keady called Perfectly Good Produce Discarded At U.S. Border Feeds People In Need.  Please read the article describing how Borderlands Food Bank is giving a second life to produce discarded at the U.S. border by distributing it to people in need.  Click here to read the full article. Distributing this rejected[…]