Food Waste Experts: Virtual Water

From the editors of Food Waste Experts:

We believe it is important to understand the connections between growing enough food, meeting rising energy needs and providing ample clean water for people around the world. Our everyday food, water and energy choices have a profound effect on each other and the environment. 

Americans throw 40 percent of their food in the trash every year, costing the average family as much as $2,275 annually. About 25 percent of water consumed in the US each year goes toward food that never gets eaten. 

The water used to grow our food, it’s called “virtual water” and there’s a lot of it in the food we eat. You may not see it — or drink it, but it makes up the majority of your water footprint — the amount of water you use throughout the day. Here’s a peek behind the virtual water curtain to see how much water is hidden in common items on grocery store shelves.

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