Saturday, May 16th – 2019/20 P.O.W.W.O.W. Produce Season Market (6 Locations) – Hours: 8-11:00am

We do apologize if your participating Drive-Up and Take Away P.O.W.W.O.W. market for this Saturday, May 16th is not offering online orders, but not to worry each market will have a pre-packaged produce box drive-thru service from 8-11am (first come first serve) to promote the social distance for Covid-19. Drive your vehicle to the pre-determined[…]

Recipe of the Week: Roasted Red Peppers and Cherry Tomatoes with Ricotta

Simple but delicious side dish to go along with any main meal?  Main ingredients are bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, olives and ricotta cheese.  Bell peppers are high in vitamin C, one bell pepper provides up to 169% of the recommend daily allowances.  Cherry tomatoes are fat free and cholesterol free, high in vitamin A and[…]