Saturday, August 10th – P.O.W.W.O.W. Summer Markets – Hours: 6-9am (5 Market Locations)

PLEASE NOTE! Without the help of volunteers at our P.O.W.W.O.W. markets we would not have been able to provide 1.8 million meals to the communities in the State of Arizona since June of the summer season. We appreciate the help so Borderlands can rescue and distribute the millions of pounds of fresh fruits and veggies[…]

Education Corner: We Must Transform Food Production to Save the World

Read this article to learn more about a report from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change proposing a major shift towards vegetarian and vegan diets to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We Must Transform Food Production to Save the World, from Robin McKie at The Guardian To access our previous Education Corner postings, please view our Press[…]