Recipe of the Week: Vegetable Lasagna! Ricotta Nut Cheese, Marinated Tofu

rr Want to try a vegan lasagna with no dairy and meatless?  This recipe uses non-dairy cheese and tofu and being dairy free.  Fresh tomatoes are included with the marinara sauce.  Yummy! Vegetable Lasagna!  Ricotta Nut Cheese, Marinated Tofu ,from Kathy at Healthy Happy Life View other delicious and healthy recipes of the week from our previous[…]

Education Corner: Austin Passes law Requiring Restaurants to Donate or Compost Uneaten Food

Read about the City of Austin, Texas hopping on board and being the first American city to pass a law requiring restaurants to donate or compost uneaten food.  Under the new law, all businesses that serve food-including restaurants, certain shops, farmer’s markets, and even sites involved in its preparation and processing-are forbidden from throwing away[…]